Last week I was coaching a busy mom of 3 (who's dealt with chronic knee pain for years since having kids) through our movement analysis at Inner Strength.

She’s determined to get back to exercise and has had a lot of setbacks physically, and just with family, work, life etc… Extra weight just kinda crept up outta nowhere!

We use this analysis process with every newcomer to look at your movement and assess how we can get you back to pain free movement quickly and safely.

What happened next blew her mind…

Because with every “professional” she’d encountered before, she’d heard the same thing…

..”You’ll never squat again”

…”steps will always be tough”

….”just try to avoid knee bends”

But on her first movement of the assessment, she squatted with ZERO pain.

….and all it took was a teeny shift (literally.)

On her first (tepid) attempt, I watched as her knees shot forward past her toes, and she grimaced with pain and fear.

But that’s pretty normal for us to see, so we made this little shift.

All I told her was to shift her weight from her toes and midfoot to  her heels and try it again.

Kudos to her for trying again (and trusting me!)

On that next try…. NO PAIN.

We did 2 more for good measure…. NO PAIN.

I tell you this because I think sometimes it’s easy to believe big changes take tons and tons of hard work, effort and time….

….Sure sometimes they do…. I’m not going to tell you you’re going to lose 20-100 lbs and not have to work hard..

…But sometimes it just takes a differently trained set of eyes to see that little shift that makes all the difference.

And now this busy mom of 3 can sit down, go down steps, and exercise without thinking her knee is going to give out constantly!

Think that’ll help her just naturally be more active day in and out?

You betcha!

All professionals have a different set of tools they use…

If you’ve been down a path of Chiropractic, Physical Therapists and Open Access gyms before and haven’t been able to lose weight, gain strength and get out of pain..

Our Corrective Exercise and Wellness Coaches at Inner Strength may have that unique skill set to help you make the small shifts that finally get you started and making big progress.

Dedicated to helping you build sustainable healthy lifestyle,