I was doing a coaching call last week with a mom of 2 pre-teens (we’ll call her Maria) who was really on the struggle bus when it came to making healthy decisions as of late.

She was flustered that her eating, exercise and sleep had been so inconsistent despite her desire to make her home a healthier one this year.

Now this is a lady who knows how to get S#!t done.

She’s a mom of 2

A super busy medical professional

Has a husband who also works full time.

And despite this little snag, she’s lost some weight already in her weight loss journey, is feeling less pain and has been consistent.

But she fell into a little bit of a decision making trap that’s totally avoidable if you follow this formula.

Here’s 4 set-and-forget ways to make healthy decisions.

Remember H.A.L.T

Don’t make decisions when you are





Now Maria’s been all these things lately (Holidays…. right??)

And she just needed a quick reminder and reset to make her healthy choices before she was feeling any of these ways… Which has been a lot lately!

We all get into ruts where we feel Tired, Lonely, Hungry and Angry a lot.

But it’s not the time to make changes…. Sure they can motivate you to make changes.. But leave the thought work out until your mind is clear.

When you’re back to baseline.. Then plan your domination!

Been feeling Tired, Hungry, Lonely or Angry a lot lately?

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