Below Are The Top 7 Reasons People Are Afraid To Exercise
1. They’ve never been able to get consistent with their eating and exercise
I see too many people using fad diets like keto & paleo. They hit a desperation point and try the first fad diet that a friend has had success with.

When that diet doesn’t work, they try something else and complain that that kind of diet doesn’t work.

When you have no plan, you can expect to get subpar results.

Most people don’t have an eating and exercise plan simply because they just lack the knowledge to know how to create one.

Having a coach who creates a plan for you eliminates that.


2.They’re making a monthly gym “Donation” 


Everyone knows someone who’s signed up for a new gym, went once or twice and never returned. Leaving them with a mandatory monthly “Donation.”

What I think is actually the worst part is that these gyms don’t even care to call and check in on how you’re doing.

There are some very important things to consider when joining a gym.

If they are going to actually care about you and keep you accountable for getting your money's worth is definitely one….


3. They’ve tried cheap solution after cheap solution.

Speaking of getting your money's worth. 

I have helped people lose 20-200 lbs in a year with one simple formula. 

“You get what you pay for” 

Most gyms have “cheap” memberships because they have an “open access”, “bootcamp” or “automated” model.
It’s cheap to operate.

These are formulas designed to grow the company's bottom line.
And they may work for people who are already motivated, fit and healthy.

But if you have chronic pain, struggle with motivation and need to be coached on and off the gym floor… they just don’t.

When you are willing to invest just  a bit more into having a personal coach you can exit the yo-yo and actually get an eating and exercise plan that meets your unique needs.

4. They do everything for everyone else, and nothing for themselves.


Since we have really caring coaches, we tend to attract really caring people.

In a pinch these people defer to “sacrificing” time for themselves, in favor of helping family and friends.

All this does is give their family and friends 50% of their total ability.

You can’t run a car forever without filling up the gas tank, getting oil changed & tires rotated, and most people wouldn’t dream of attempting any of these themselves.

Your body needs regular maintenance before it ends up in the “shop” (ie doctor) too.

Your body gets the maintenance it needs from specific procedures in the gym and kitchen.

5. Frustration with cardio equipment


Most people have owned (or at least blindly used) a treadmill, elliptical and stationary bike.

They’re easy to use, but they won’t help you get stronger.

When you get stronger you build muscle.

When you build muscle you burn fat faster because muscles need calories to maintain.

This is why burning fat using cardio machines takes literally forever when you’re not strong.

You need strength training and cardio to lose weight faster.


6. No system of accountability


Accountability is your best betthat you can overcome lack of motivation, frustration and inconsistency, but almost nobody has an accountability buddy 110% dedicated to keeping them on track. 

Accountability buddies, while great friends…make lousy coaches.

They might get you off the couch once or twice, but lack the knowledge to work around soreness or strains, anxiety, fear and doubt and keep you making progress consistently.

They have no skin in the game.

Having your own professional coach who checks in with you regularly and holds you accountable for taking steps in the right direction is worth its weight in gold.


7. No idea where to start with fitness and food


Most people have absolutely no-clue where to start when it comes to fitness and food when the critical point occurs that walking and salads aren’t making the scale drop anymore.

- as such, they are overlooking opportunities to create a healthy lifestyle using tasty foods and joint friendly workouts.

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