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Training for Young Athletes in Pittsburgh

Athlete Performance Training

Our Athletic Performance Training helps athletes 9-18 get bigger, faster, stronger, stay healthy and create the confidence & growth mindset of high achievers in sports and the game of life.

Your athletes training is personalized to improve the unique physical qualities their sports demands and can be done in a small group or 1:1 format.

Talk with a Coach

Young woman lining up for a foot race

Inner Strength Athletes have gone on to play at these programs:

This program is for your child if….

  • They want to get better at their sport but struggle because of lack of speed, strength, stamina or confidence.
  • They eat more junk food than healthy food and you need another voice to help them understand how important a healthy diet is during these developmental years.
  • They need to improve their confidence and you want them to start to get better at recovering from their mistakes.
  • They’re doing pretty good right now but want to take their performance in their sport to a higher level.

Talk With A Coach

Young athlete running while training

Here’s What Parents Can Expect

  • They will get stronger which means when they show up to their sport they’ll be able to perform better than ever.
  • They will run faster and jump higher so they can show up to their next season and people will start asking what the heck have they been doing.
  • They’ll become more coordinated and improve agility and foot speed which means they’ll pick up new skills their coaches teach them faster.
  • Your children will start to eat better because we’ll be educating them on what’s good and what they should avoid…don’t be surprised if they start asking you to buy more vegetables.
  • Confidence will skyrocket. When kids get stronger, faster and more fit…their confidence will rise…so will their self-esteem which means their performance in every aspect of life will get better.
  • Their Mindset will Improve. We’re going to equip your child with very specific mindset skills that’ll help them learn how to transform how they think about mistakes and failures.