Recently I joined a big box gym..

I joined because it’s super close to my house and wanted to start doing some workouts outside of my own gym

Plus, my wife threatened me and said if I didn’t start training my calves I needed to pack my bags…and there’s no calf raise machine at Inner Strength :)

When I signed up they told me they included personal training with my membership

The club has a ton of stuff…much more than my gym offers.

I can do sauna, steam, calf raises, leg press, play basketball, pickleball, dump my kids at day care, go for a swim, take hiit classes, use the vibration plate, and do hot yoga at this place…

…And I also get personal training

Oh boy, I’m Inner Strength’s in trouble…

But i’  not really worried honestly

Here’s why….

I know that the people who come to Inner Strength (in their 40’s, 50’s and 60’s) don’t want…..

- To be sweating a puddle on the floor while “little miss wanna-be Instagram Model” poses to make her butt look 5x larger in circumference in the mirror in front of you.

- To be trying to find your Zen while Butch the bodybuilder is next to you turning yoga into a hulk out grunt sesh.

- To get stuck cleaning Harry’s… well…hair outta the pool

What they do come to us for is the best, personal relationship based coaching and personal training sessions built to improve your mobility and weak areas, in an atmosphere where everyone is in a similar stage of life and comes to the gym to get strong, feel empowered and laugh the stress of the day out…

If your globo gym gives you the creeps, makes you feel judged or uncomfortable, you simply can’t look forward to being there no matter how many bells and whistles..

And looking forward to showing up is the #1 predictor of success!

This year when you’re looking for the right gym for you, remember the new car smell eventually wears off of everything…

Make sure you’re surrounding yourself with a community and people you’re not only totally comfortable with, but willing to learn on when you need the helping hand.

If you think that might be us at Inner Strength.. I have something for you below :)

Dedicated to helping you create a sustainable healthy lifestyle,