Why Certain Foods May Be Sabotaging Your Health

Suffering, pain, disease and weakness.

It’s come out in large quantities of studies from renowned universities over the last 5 years that many diseases (amongst others, heart disease and cancer) can be traced back to gut inflammation.

But inflammation can be controlled with mindful eating

Not restrictive, “perfect”, “what-human-actually-eats-like-this?” eating.

You just need to get in tune with how inflammatory foods actually make you feel after eating them.

Because not only does inflammation cause disease, but it causes chronic pain as well.

Which makes you sedentary.

Which causes a larger downward spiral of your health

When you have chronic pain and know your physical health is deteriorating because the pain makes it hard to even move, let alone exercise…

…it feels debilitating.

But I'm here to tell you, it’s not an impossible puzzle. 

So how do you become aware of how inflammatory foods make you feel?

Everyone is different, but a great first step is to take one of the following out of your diet for a week.

Dairy, Gluten, Sugar, Hydrogenated Oils, Grains, Red Meat

Which should you choose? 

I’d start with whatever is most prevalent in your diet and go a week without it.

Record how you feel throughout the week (preferably at times when you typically feel tired, achy, and anxious) to see if there’s any difference. 

Remember this is about boosting your energy and finding what makes you feel best.

You’ll also naturally reduce empty calories because all these foods are full of them. (Score!)

Once you address your gut inflammation, your metabolism can get back to regulating itself and then we’re really off and running.

Give it a try!