Why carbs are key to your success.

“Kid food” really isn’t a thing.

It’s an excuse for us parents to feel okay about ourselves for not serving nutritionally viable options in order to avoid a hunger strike at our kitchen table.

And I am 1000% on your side when it comes to giving into your child’s demands for nuggets, pizza, yogurt, grilled cheese, goldfish & cereal.

And I am 1000% on your side because it teaches a valuable lesson in how to feed ourselves (and our kids.)

You probably know there are 3 main Macronutrients every human needs to be able to properly convert our food into useful fuel for activity.

They are:

Not only is it essential to get all 3 to be able to convert food to energy (metabolism) but it’s also essential for your child’s development.

When your child will only eat pizza, let em eat pizza.

But know that pizza is “called” carbs and fats.

That means they are missing protein.

So make sure to provide a protein source along with that pizza. (important for them.)

This will be a lower calorie option than more pizza too. (Important for you)

Notice I didn’t say pizza is “bad food” so we need “good food.”

I called it what it is….

And personally, getting my son to eat steak or chicken is like trying to convert a devout vegan….so I just mix ¼ to ½ a scoop of vanilla whey protein with almond milk and seve his “milkshake” with his pizza.

Voila! A Macro friendly, kid friendly meal.

And he always wants more “milkshake.”

When you call your food by macro content, your mind creates a habit of getting what it needs and your body won’t go through as dramatic cravings because it has what is needed to perform.

But it’s very common for busy parents (grandparents too!)  to not get enough protein simply because it usually needs cooked, which causes them to overconsume a quick and easy “snack” (typically a processed carb/fat snack.)

It’s understandable, but not viable if you yourself want to live a healthy, fit and energized lifestyle.

Instead when you’re feeling you need food, try saying to yourself…

- “I need all macros right now”
- “I haven’t gotten protein… how can I get that?”
- “I’m going to exercise, so I need a carb right now for energy”

Call it what it is.

Becoming familiar with multiple sources of macronutrients will help you make more nutritionally sound, lower calorie choices overall.

If you’re gaining weight, it typically means you are overfed and undernourished. (Most likely too many empty carbs and low quality fats)

Calling food by its macro content will help you stay satisfied and nourished without going overboard.

Getting all your macros helps you create sustainable results.

When you cut one out (namely carbs) you’ll lose weight, but your energy will plummet.