Why Your Subconscious Is Sabotaging Your Success

The labels we adopt for who we are, have a concrete effect on how we act every single day.

And chances are you don’t even know the labels you accept as true to you.

But I saw something truly disturbing the other day that I wanted you to think about.

Because you should be aware of what you believe is true about yourself.

So about twice a week I take my son to the baseball field across the street from where we live to practice.

But this past time I encountered a father and his (visibly upset daughter.)

There was some shouting at first which I tried to ignore (if you're a parent you know there is a natural level of patience that gets crossed sometimes.)

I tried not to let it upset me, but what I heard next really worked me up.

As the dad was screaming at his (maybe 7 year old daughter) to walk into the bathroom I heard him say…

“You are a F**king Psychopath!!!”

“Quit being a Psychopath!”

“You’re F**king Crazy!”

This got me thinking about the labels we accept in our lives.

They could be embedded subconsciously (like unfortunately will probably happen with this poor little girl) which influences our actions in a way we don’t have control over.

Or a label can be created purposefully. Which we can use to build on actions we are proud of.

So I just want you to think for a second.

What labels do you believe are true of you?

Where did they come from?

And most importantly….. Do they add or subtract from what you really want to achieve in your life?

If you feel stuck being overweight, low energy and in pain, do you believe you have what it takes to get out?

Are you resilient?

Are you worth it?

Are you someone who gets what they want?

Or do you believe you’re someone who just has to accept it.

Your labels will guide you.

The poor young girl from my story will probably be dealing with some lack of self worth in her future.

But it can be avoided with some positive talk and labeling.

So,what should you do with this information?

If you’re feeling stuck with your health, come up with a goal to get out (whatever that looks like to you.)

Then write down your favorite qualities about yourself.

Imagine acting every day as that positively labeled person, and how different your actions will be each day.

That’s what you are truly capable of.

I know because I’ve seen it over a thousand times.

The next step would be to piece the plan together and give it a timeframe.

And that’s where I can help better than anyone.

Because this “Roadmap” is the blueprint for your success.

Your starting mindset has to come from you…

But if you are not a nutrition and exercise professional, you should leave those elements of the plan to someone who is.