What 'Budget' Health Will Really Get You

When someone says “currency,” 99% of people’s minds go straight to money

But of the 3 currencies (time, money, mobility) money is actually the LEAST important of the 3 currencies the value of your life is determined by….

Because it’s the only one you can simply say “I’m going to go get more of this…” and do it at that exact moment…. It’s renewable on demand .

You can renew your mobility too… but you need time⏱️

Time is finite… you lose a little more every second

Yet so many people make decisions simply on how much money it costs…

Which is why I've never understood the concept of “budget health”

If you needed heart surgery and had to pay out of pocket, but had to pick between 2 surgeons…

…Would you pick the cheaper one?

Heck No!

I want the most expensive one they got!

Because they’re going to allow me to use every bit of time I have on earth.

The same goes for your nutrition, fitness, and the decisions you make that hold them all together…

Do you want to save your health, enjoy your time, and do it efficiently, guided by the person that’s worked (and succeeded) with thousands of other like minded people just like you?

A lot try to save the scratch…their prerogative.