Have I Done My Best?

About a month ago I sent my oldest to his first day of Kindergarten.

And maaaaaan… to say I struggled with it is an understatement

I didn’t struggle at orientation.

But when it came to the last day of summer….

…I started to crumble with doubt

I asked myself questions like “Have I done my best?”

Have I done my best… to instill hard work as a value for him?

Have I done my best… to instill kindness to others and myself in front of him?

Have I done my best… to instill curiosity as a skill?

But the MOST important question was this one…

Have I done my best… to show him not to fear starting what he doesn’t know how to finish?

Because I know this is what ultimately stops people from achieving their biggest goals in life.

For my 5 year old to know it’s okay to start without the finish line in sight…

…to make mistakes (and lots of em!)

…to keep leaning on others… trying…learning… and to not give up.

Is probably the greatest lesson I can ever give him.

Because he’ll gain so much by simply not being afraid to start….

That I know he’ll do great not just in school, but in life.

Start things you don’t know how to finish.

Starting a journey that doesn’t have a defined finish line is scary, and stops a lot of people from ever sniffing what success looks like to them.

But if you can….

Put yourself in an environment that motivates you to be successful
Make mistakes (lots of em!)
Lean on people with experience and expertise
Keep trying
Not give up until you have success (consistency!)

You’ll ultimately feel better in your own skin, and create the healthy, energized and active life you’ve always wanted.