This is an announcement I’ve been waiting 8 years to make..

Before I go into details, I just want to thank you, even if you just read our emails and have never actually taken the leap to join us at Inner Strength. I promise we’re only getting better and you’ll love what we have in store!

But as for the Announcement (as you could probably tell from the subject of this email)

We are so happy to announce Inner Strength’s Official 2nd Location!

The new address is 108 Commerce Blvd. Suite C. Lawrence PA 15055 (1 quarter mile from the intersection of Boyce Rd. and Mayview Rd in Upper St. Clair.

Construction is underway and we are on track to officially open our doors as of Jan 3rd 2022!

We’ve got a whole host of events coming up (listed in the PS), so if you live in the South Hills and haven’t come and given Inner Strength a try because you didn’t want to make the trek out to Robinson, now’s your time!

And to celebrate this new chapter of Inner Strength we’re launching some super crazy New Location Celebration Discounts of up to 30% OFF!

Never in the history of Inner Strength have we run a promotion with this steep a discount!

...and I promise it won’t happen again in the future. Now’s your time!

And even if our Robinson location is more convenient for you, we’re running these specials for you as well!

Just click here to claim up to 30% off your custom built plan!

When we receive your email we will reply with some times for us to hop on a quick call.

Because at Inner Strength we custom build your program for your exact needs in all areas of your health.

On that call we’ll talk about your goals (be it pain reduction, weight loss or just getting healthier overall) and what’s gotten in the way of you getting those results so far.

The coach you speak with will make some recommendations, preview our coaching program options with you and set up a day for you to come meet and design your unique-to-you program alongside them.

At that point you can decide which super discounted membership makes the most sense for you.

And come Jan 2, we’ll be right there to guide you every step along the way to your new, healthy, fit and pain free life!

...Oh BTW as an added perk If you sign up for a Founding Membership at our South Hills location in November, we’ll give you access to our Robinson location until Jan 2nd for Free!

But you have to be one of the first 50 “Super Early Birds” you have to sign up before Dec 1st! Just click here to claim up to 30% off your custom built plan!

And in case you didn’t know, at Inner Strength we help people 40-70 who have pain, injury or 20-200 lbs to lose, make positive health changes permanent without judgement so they can do the activities they love with the people they love without fear.

Here’s what all Super Early Bird Memberships Include

Uniquely-Built-to-You Workouts - These are joint friendly, low/no impact workouts built specifically for your unique goals, your unique body and it’s own strengths, weaknesses and limitations.

Simple, Sustainable Nutrition - Non-restrictive nutrition plans created for your unique learning style (the unique way you can be successful,) without all the unrealistic expectations of making you eliminate carbs or spend hours prepping food. You know…so you actually follow the plan.

Stress, Sleep and Motivation (“ROOTS”) Coaching - These three things that will keep you “on the wagon” with your health when life goes sideways (and it will) are always the elements ignored by “quick-fix” programs. We’ll teach you how to manage your stress, sleep and motivation levels when you need it most, so when your environment isn’t ideal and stress is high, you know exactly what to do to stay on track with your new healthy lifestyle.

Your Own Personal Health Coach - Who sends you daily “one-click” accountability checkin’s to your phone and meets with you personally as often as every other week to add, subtract and edit your coaching plan in your fitness, nutrition and ROOTS coaching. Situations change, the only way to succeed in your plan is to “stay water” and keep what works and adapt what doesn’t to fit your needs.

A Pain Management Concierge - Even if you’re not in our Physio or Return to Fitness Programs, you always have our doctor of physical therapy at your disposal to consult with at no additional charge if some aches and pains find their way into your life. They’ll provide quick, simple, solutions and guide you back to feeling your best so surgery, injections and pain pills are a last resort instead of the typical first line of defense.

Sounds like what you need to finally get your health on track?

Just click here to claim up to 30% off your custom built plan! (For either Robinson or Upper Saint Clair location!)

Fall back in love with your health :)