There’s no getting around it.

We will all lose some muscle as we get older.

But not as much as you may think.

Age related muscle loss (known as sarcopenia) begins around age 50 .

Although Sarcopenia tends to typically make you lose 1% of our muscle mass and 3% of our strength year over year according to a study by McMaster University…

… it’s actually the rest of your lifestyle that is the multiplier in this equation. 

Now I tend to put a lot of blame on the world we live in.

We’re truly set up to fail.

Between Smartphones, the restaurant industry, social media and jobs increasing the volume of work demand…

it’s easy to see why we become anxious, overwhelmed and sedentary.

But that shouldn’t mean you are reserved to a boring, painful and stagnant life.

It’s hard to break the cycle, but not impossible.

If you need more strength, energy and want to put more life into your years here’s how to get started.

At Inner Strength we believe in doing less and achieving more.

And it all begins with building something called a Bridge Habit.

A bridge habit takes one of our less desirable habits that impacts your health.

Let’s say for this example I want to stop looking at my phone for an hour or more before bed.

I take that “Bad” habit and I write down the reason for not wanting it.

**When I look at my phone for an hour before bed, I don’t feel rested and I don’t get enough sleep… then i’m anxious and irritable with my family and co-workers and I feel bad about it for days**

Then I replace it with what I want in place of negative feelings.

** I Want Better Sleep**

Instead of looking at my phone (and making myself feel anxious) I’ll do a brain dump to empty my mind and stretch to make SO I CAN …. (ENTER 1-5 reasons)

1.  Body feels good before bed.
2. I wake up rested 

3. My kids get a happy, present parent
4. I have more energy
5. I do better work and hopefully get that promotion.

Voila! My Bridge Habit is Better Sleep 5

Now here’s where the magic happens.

I now make take some index cards and write Better Sleep 5 on it

(Maybe I write out the reasons on the back)

I put a card on every mirror I see daily.

….maybe I even make it the background on my phone.

So every night when I’m tempted to look at my phone, I remember my face and better sleep 5 with all my “whys.”

You’d be shocked at how easy this is and how great it works.

It’s just one way we get the ball rolling for people who have never made the choice to put their own health first.

These are people that have never been “gym” people that need a kick-start… and fast…

Because after 40 and even moreso after 50…we may not be able to control our bodies decline totally…

….but the habits we create can multiply the aging process or offset it.

Do less… Achieve more.