I’m all for building a healthy lifestyle one step at a time. 

In fact, the most common roadblock for most people getting out of pain, losing fat and gaining the all day energy they’re searching for when just starting out is overwhelm. 

They need to make the process simpler.

I can prove it to you...

Imagine this

You’re rushing around upstairs, trying to get out the door for an important appointment.

You finally finish getting ready and your foot touches the first stair to go down.

And all of a sudden *instant lighting strikes your knee* shooting up and down your leg. 

We’ve all been there. 

That pain overwhelms your brain… right?

So what do you do?

You start going down 1 stair at a time...doing the ol’ 2 feet, 1 step maneuver. 

But it gets you to the bottom. You achieve the goal.

Just like that situation, removing chronic pain from your life takes simplification. 

But we tend to try and do too many things to resolve the issue.

We say things like.

There must be something wrong with my knee…”

“I need to get my knee stronger…”

“If I just lost this extra weight, my knees wouldn’t hurt so much.”

Now can all these things be true? Sure

But instead of going & scheduling an MRI….

Instead of waiting in multiple doctors offices

….taking a personal day off work that could be used spending time with your family  

….taking muscle relaxers for a week that kill your productivity (and rip up your gut.)

All for the doctor to find nothing wrong, or worse.

Finding some degeneration or minor tear that’s totally normal (and symptoms can be improved with weight loss and strengthening)

….but recommending a replacement anyway (yes, they do that.)

Instead of putting yourself through all that.

Chances are learning how to activate (fancy trainer term for flex) your muscles around your knee at the right moments of the day…
...Like when you’re getting out of the car

...getting up from your desk

...or before going down the stairs

can help you get through without any pain in that same degenerating knee.

Then once you feel confident in the knee, you can feel confident enough to start strengthening.

And once you feel stronger, you’ll want to move around more. 

And when you move around more, you’re more capable of losing fat.

And when you start losing fat...you’re more likely to want to improve your eating habits.

One. Step. At. A. Time. 

That’s the approach we take at Inner Strength in our RETURN to Fitness Program.

RETURN is a program designed for people with chronic pain, injury, joint degeneration and 20-200 lbs to lose to safely return to strengthening and fat loss. 

It’s a conservatively progressive fitness program led by our lead trainer who is also a Doctor of Physical Therapy.