Abusive foods treat our mind like any other type of abuse…

They create fear, doubt, overwhelm, anguish, and suffering. 

They make us sluggish, tired, worried..

Yet we crave them anyway.

The emotional pain can come on fast in a binge… or can creep slowly over time from sneaking around.

However, when you’re in an abusive relationship with food…

You created the narcissist on the other end of the relationship.. 

You built up their importance and ego…

Their ability to suck in your desire…

But even if you’ve sworn off abusive foods before only to kiss and make up, you can escape that relationship and stay away this time.

Here are my 4 ways to end your relationship with Abusive Foods…


  1. Add some diversity to your dating scene


A clean cut in this case isn’t always the right direction. Tell your French Fries you think it’s best to see other people and test the waters a bit before seeing eachother again

That doesn’t mean you still can’t catch a movie later… but you want to start to eat 4 handfuls of colorful fruit &/or veggies before allowing yourself to get caught up in his deep fried antics anymore.


  1. Speaking of testing the waters…


If you are craving sweets or salt, chances of dehydration are high… and a good “swim” is great for your body… Drink a Very Large glass of water before each and every meal….

Not only will you hydrate your body and feel a tiny bit more full… you’ll also allow your brain time to think about what you’re about to put in your mouth next.. And make a better decision


  1. Get yourself the best rebound you’ve ever had


What will you turn to when you’re bored, stressed or feel an urge to rebel?

Whatever you’re dealing with, you need to have a plan in place to for what you will eat when you have a craving…

Rebounds have a negative connotation.. But remember this is actually food and it doesn’t have feelings…have a healthy replacement to snuggle close with


  1. Take some time to learn to love yourself


You don’t need to be someone totally new, you just have to get back to the old you. 

There was a time before abusive food dictated how you felt daily, you don’t necessarily need to create a New Healthy Lifestyle… you just need to go back to not relying on abusive food and loving different pieces of your life more than food. 

Yes you will slip up… It doesn’t make you a failure.. It makes you human.

Make the next right move.