When you have chronic pain and know your physical health is deteriorating because the pain makes it hard to even move, let alone exercise..it feels horrible. 

But I'm here to tell you, it’s not an impossible puzzle. 

However, most will try to solve it in the wrong order. 

They try to minimize their calories 1st because it’s what they can control. 

But this just leaves them hungry and tired. 

Then they try to walk more because it’s something they can do. 

But even that sometimes leaves them feeling sore and in pain for days on end. 

So what are you supposed to do if you can’t minimize calories and you can’t even walk for exercise?

Here’s my first (most effective) step. 

Address your gut inflammation. 

When your gut is inflamed you feel (amongst other things) very fatigued. 

And often anxious. 

Neither of these things paired with hopelessness are a very good addition to your mindset. 

It leads to an easy downward spiral. 

So how do you reduce gut inflammation? 

Everyone is different, but a great first step is to reduce one of the following

Dairy, Gluten, Sugar, Hydrogenated Oils, Grains, Red Meat

Which should you choose? 

I’d start with whatever is most prevalent in your diet and go a week without it. 

Remember this is about boosting your energy and finding what makes you feel best.

You’ll also naturally reduce empty calories because all these foods are full of them. (Score!)

Once you address your gut inflammation, your metabolism can get back to regulating itself and then we’re cooking with gas!