What you need to know about Diabetes and Sugar Alcohols

If you read the last blog, you learned a bit about the pro’s and con’s of sugar alcohols and whether they are a healthier alternative this halloween.

Namely that while sugar alcohols have a more positive effect on your blood sugar, teeth and have less calories…

…they are still carbohydrates and consulting them in abundance will still result in weight gain if not combated with calorie burning exercise.

But what about if you have diabetes? Are sugar alcohols a better alternative?

The answer is common sense really..

Sugar alcohols are (as we’ve found out) a carbohydrate.. The only caloric difference is that the body absorbs 2 calories per carbohydrate per sugar alcohol and 4 calories per carbohydrate per sugar.

So while sugar alcohol is a good tradeoff in a “same-serving size” swap, typical psychology tends to make us think we can have more “diet” food than regular calorie foods.

But if you can consume them in the same fashion you’ll find that sugar alcohols

- Have less impact on blood sugar levels.

- May not need insulin to metabolize.

- Won’t cause cavities or do harm to your teeth.

So if you are pre-diabetic or diabetic, and are good about your intake, you may find that foods containing sugar alcohols are a much better alternative than full sugar foods.

But if you’re someone who has trouble with portion control, I’d treat sugar alcohols the same way you treat regular candy.

Stay Healthy, Fit and Pain Free