We’ve all heard the old adage “success is a journey not a destination.”

But if you even believe that, chances are you’re not living it as a truth. 

Don’t beat yourself up over it though…

Us humans are hard wired for to search for destinations (it’s a safety mechanism.)

But I’d put good money down that the more you continue to look for the destination of success..

The more you allow overwhelm, stress, anxiety and fatigue rule your life.

Which leaves your success meter on empty with no way to fill up.

Here’s how you can fill up your tank today and for the rest of time.


  1. Fill in the blank → I am being successful when I ____________________. 


Answer this question between 4-10 times. Doing this sets success as an action AKA a journey not a destination.


  1. Fill your tank visually 


Writing all your answers on post-it’s, notecards or even getting some bougie signs made on etsy for your room/office etc will help you fill your tank each time you see them and keep them top of mind. 


  1. Act with purpose


Now that success is not longer a pipe-dream or a destination, purposefully design your ideal daily schedule to allow you to act out your definition of success repeatedly without having to think about it all the time. Create a success routine and when it becomes second nature VIOLA, you’ve created a success lifestyle.