This may come as a complete and utter surprise.

You may even think I’m totally off my rocker when I say it.

But you have the complete and total ability to build a strong and resilient body.

Even if you have tried a million times over, using every last trick in the book.

Even if you’ve yo-yo’d with your weight for decades.

But you’ll have to accept one key challenge first.

Here’s the challenge:
Accept all your failed attempts in the past happened due to searching for a quick fix?

And I promise you….

…if you can accept incremental, consistent improvement over the quick fix, fast results that are very swoon-worthy but never sustainable.

And if you can remain focused on finding a process you actually enjoy and don’t do for punishment…

…you will be rewarded with what you’ve always searched for. Fat Loss that stays off.

Here’s the secret to staying incredibly consistent in building a strong, energized and resilient body that I guarantee you haven’t done yet.

Fortify your weak areas first. Namely your core and joints.

Why does the leaning tower of Pisa lean?

Is it the total mass of the building?

Is it top heavy?

The answer here is obviously no.

It leans because it sits on an unstable foundation.

And if adopting consistent exercise without pain has always been a struggle, your foundation is too. 

Everyone wants to see fat melt away.

But if you're always walking, running, using an elliptical, or bike to burn calories, your core and your joints aren’t laying a stable foundation for you to build on. 

Your core protects your hips and spine by helping you absorb shock each time you impact the ground.

It’s literally a built in brace for impact.

And building it will keep your knees, hips, back, neck and shoulders happy for the long haul. 

So before you go back to trying to make yourself huff and puff in the name of calorie burning.

Lay the foundation of building a stable core and joints.

And stop searching for a quick fix your body isn’t ready to take the impact of.

Your body will thank you for years to come