How To Prevent Type 2 Diabetes (even if you’re pre-diabetic) 

In honor of National Diabetes Month, The Mayo Clinic has come out with their “exhaustive” list of how to prevent Type 2 Diabetes just in time for the Holiday Season. 

I’ve read the list to give you the highlights and my quick Pro’s and Con’s to save you time..

Here’s their list…. I’ll let you decide… Smart Doctors or Dumb doctors? 

  1. Lose weight at a pace of 1-2 lbs a week.

    Pros: Realistic!

    Cons: Not conducive to “hardcore” fad diets that convince you losing 20 lbs in 4 weeks in “healthy.”
  2. Be more physically active

    Pros: Lots of ways to do it and still enjoy it! (Walking, Weights, Movement, Playing with kids…)

    Cons: You may not be sure what is the best way for you to start. 

  1. Eat more plants

    Pros: Plants are filling and slow the absorption of sugar in the blood.

    Cons: Putting yucky green things in your mouth isn’t as tasty as cookies. 

  1.  Eat healthy fats

    Pros: They promote good heart and vascular health

    Cons: Harder to find than bad fats because bad fats are in just about everything.
  2. Skip fad diets and make healthier choices

    Pros: Makes weight loss last for the long haul.

    Cons: Takes consistency and patience. (Not a magic fix) 

Summing it all up, these doctors are saying that

- You should be active on all days that you eat.
- Fad diets have no evidence of long term benefits
- Plants help you digest sugar and fats more effectively
- Weight Loss should be a slow and consistent effort.

What do you think?

Smart doctors or dumb doctors?