Life can be calm and collected.

But usually not from November till January.

During this time life can be as crazy and frenetic as you could possibly imagine.

If you’re not running from one holiday party to the next, it’s a friendsgiving feast, a drink (or 4)  with your aunt you only see once a year, or a late night at the light show or decorating your own house.

Whatever the case, time during the holidays is undoubtedly at a premium.

With so much to do, your health can easily be left on the back burner and come back with an extra 10lbs of “fun” leftover at the end.

So if you are trying to maintain your progress throughout this crazy segment of the year, how do you find the time to fit in exercise, nutrition and sleep?

Here’s the thing… you don’t fit it in like you normally would.

You adapt your expectations and the way you schedule.

The rules of this game are totally different from the rest of the year.

Take the mindset into it that certain health related activities are non-negotiable. (We’ll dive into these in a minute.)

During especially busy times of your calendar year, setting yourself up for success the day (or night before) is essential to getting or staying on top of your game.

To schedule your events around your health priorities we’ve created this Free Health Planner that plans your food, exercise and lifestyle right there, alongside your work and family obligations.

When you schedule your meals, snacks, exercise and recovery you won’t feel like your schedule is so unmanageable after all.

Even if you don’t use the planner (which I totally would) you can get a similar effect (though not as organized) from utilizing a method called “Brain Sweeping.”

Here’s how you do it.

Get out a blank notebook and at the top of the page write

“WOMM” (What’s on my mind) -

Then put a “-”

That “-” means WOMM

Then write out whatever is on your mind

Then IMMEDIATELY write another “-”

Do this for at least 10 minutes.

The worst place for your thoughts is your head.

This brain sweep exercise is a mix of meditation and journaling that keeps your brain because everything has room to breathe on paper..

If you’re already feeling overwhelmed in your life without exercise and eating right, you’ll need the mental space to add them in without more overwhelm.