If you’re trying to find time in the midst of a busy holiday schedule for a great workout, Good Luck finding it.

This time of year is all about being present with your family, friends and loved ones.

That’s why I always recommend Minimum Effective Dose of exercise from November to January.

It’s simply the most sustainable way to keep you on the health wagon, without making yourself crazy trying to fit everything in.

When you utilize this method, everything takes less time, which helps you adapt your calendar to fitting your goals.

Here’s a look 3 examples of Minimum Effective Dose of Exercise

To Build Strength

Minimum effective dose of a workout is a 20-30 minute strength workout that uses 2 multi-joint lifts (like a squat,, bench, row or deadlift) and 2 core exercises (like a plank, ball rotations, carries or crawl variations.)

To Build Endurance (Cardio)
It’s a 20 minute walk, or bodyweight HIIT circuit.

To Build Both Simultaneously (Best option)

Utilize “complexes”

This is a series of about 5 exercises you do without putting weights down. This makes sure the weight is light enough to complete the exercises, but you get a lot done (and a LOT of calories burned) in a small amount of time.

Example of Complexes

Squat x 5
RDL x 5
1 Arm Bent Over ROW x5
Swing x 5
2 Arm Overhead Pressx 5

Series x 4