We spend a lot of time here at Inner Strength on helping you lose weight and get fit, and with good reason. 

But the biggest outcome anyone you can possibly achieve from a healthy body is a healthy mind and respect for yourself. 

Steve Wize is the President of Mental Fitness LLC,and Liscensed Clinical Social Worker(LCSW), professional therapist, speaker and health coach,  and  on this episode of Healthy Fit & Pain Free Pittsburgh, Doc sits down with Steve Wize to talk aout how your brain is a muscle that should be exercised just like the rest!

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Throughout his career, Steve has worked closely with executives, entrepreneurs, and high-power individuals who have unique struggles that traditional therapists often struggle to relate to.

The goal of Mental Fitness is to provide true, comprehensive, and holistic care to all their clients. 

Throughout the episode Doc and Steve discuss:

🔲 Why mental fitness is important for everyday living.

🔲 The common pitfalls we fall into when life strikes back.

🔲 A daily habit that is sabotaging your daily progress.

🔲 Why mental health concerns are at an all time high.

🔲 3 Actionables to start implementing into your lifestyle today!

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