Not Every Tool In The Toolbox Is For You

If you’re trying to KEEP weight off… a diet isn’t the right tool (that’s for a quick fix)

If you want to get stronger….long distance running/walking isn’t the right tool (that’s for fat loss.) 

These are examples of what I call a direct mismatch.

The goal isn’t aligned with what the tool was designed for.

It’s like using a hammer to pound in a screw (never gonna work.)

Now there’s another type of mismatch where tool and goal align, but it’s still not the right fit for you to use.

I call it a lifestyle mismatch.

When you use a weight loss tool that is a lifestyle mismatch, it’s like preferring to use a nail gun over a hammer. (More efficient for the job.) 

It just works better for your lifestyle. It’s easier, quicker, something that makes you feel positive.

But most people use this one tool that is absolutely wretched if you’re a busy parent trying to lose weight…. And I hope it’s not you.

That wretched tool?

Calorie Trackers

They take a ton of time, make you feel restricted, like you have to be perfect and anxious about eating and more often than not aren’t used accurately .

I can’t stand them personally, if for no other reason than I’ve seen much more success in my decade in the fitness industry from busy parents.

Progressive Improvement Tracking

Progressive improvement takes into account that you can make eating habits more permanent when you aren’t trying to live off a spreadsheet, by stretching out your goals.

This builds success…. Stacks wins and builds momentum.

When you focus on progressive improvement you avoid stress and burnout.. Unlike calorie trackers.

Instead of being fixated on jamming numbers to work, we slowly add or subtract over the course of a week at a time.

So let's say you need 40 more grams of protein in your day. That’s ~2 more servings.

Instead of seeing how to jam 40 grams of protein in (and not throw off your fats or carbs) and beat yourself up when it doesn’t work (because.. You know…. life happens)

We’d simply say let’s add 1 palm sized serving of protein (at x time of day) 4 of 7 days this week (and provide you a checklist to use for when you hit that goal)

This allows for a margin of error and adjustment (essential for parents)

The next week we’d try to hit all 7 days.

Then the week after we’d shoot for 4 days of 2 extra servings (at X AND X times)

Rise and repeat.

When you’re a busy parent, trying to get healthy is tough.

Getting healthy shouldn’t feel like jamming a square peg into a round hole.

It should fit your lifestyle.

If you’ve tried using those wretched calorie trackers before with no success (like countless other busy parents) give progressive tracking a try.