If I've said it once I’ve said it a thousand times. 

When you think about exercise, eating right or in any way getting healthy

And the first thing you think of is how you’ll look in the mirror 

“You are paying your mirror rent each and every day” 

Although many people think of fitness and immediately think of Fat Loss

I’ve found the most successful clients I've ever coached have prioritized their activities & movement before a weight, size or image. 

They want to walk up hills without huffing and puffing 

They want to play golf or tennis without their knees hurting 

They want to get up and down off the floor 

They want to lead their group of friends up the small village stairs on their vacations to Italy and Greece. 

When they prioritize this there is a far smaller chance of self-sabotage. 

Think about it…

How likely are you to give up your favorite activity? 

Or playing with your kids or grandkids on the ground? 

You won’t

It may hurt like hell, and you’ll get frustrated with yourself, but you won’t give up. 

Now how likely are you to give up on yourself when trying to lose weight? 

We’ve all done it a thousand times. 

Sometimes it just takes a minor lens switch like this to get motivated and create a more detailed picture in our head of what a successful journey to health looks like for you. 

Yet so many people leave it out of their vision because they’re so focused on paying rent to the mirror. 

At Inner Strength stress management and motivation coaching are a giant piece of why our clients aren’t just super successful at losing weight, but keeping that weight off. 

If you’re only focusing on losing weight by exercise or working out, self-sabotage will always happen in you don’t have a clear understanding of why you need to change.