A person over 40 should NOT be doing the same workout as someone in their 20’s.

But that’s not what most gyms and personal trainer do.

They put everyone in the same box and hope that the workout they prescribe magically works for everyone….it doesn’t.

And it usually leads to either an injury, stopping entirely, or feeling weaker than a kitten (and not nearly as spry!)

Here are some of the workout styles that people have tried before they cam to us:

  1. 1. “The Bike in the Room”

    It starts with a LOT of excitement. Especially when it comes to your door as there could have been a looong wait to get it.

    It gets used a lot in the first few weeks. Your wear the shirt, you get excited about your favorite instructor..everything is going well, you’ve finally found the workout for you.

    Even some of your friends have the same bike and you guys talk about your rides.

    But like a kid with a new you, people usually get bored and turn it back into what all bikes in homes usually turn into...clothes hangers.

    And with no one telling you “Hey, you paid good money for that bike, you should use it more” It becomes expensive furniture instead of a took to help you stay fit.

  2. 2. “The gym that only has 3 pieces of equipment”

    Simple. Yes. Effective for people in their 40’s, 50’s or 60’s to burn fat?


    Here’s why. There’s usually a repetitive stress injury before any fat loss starts to occur.

    Plus, these places have even come out and said they don’t talk about nutrition stress mgt or sleep mgt because their secret workout zone is all you need… which is complete nonsense.

    Most of the people that come to Inner Strength after this style of workout have reported they worked out more than ever, but actually feel weaker and fatter than when they started...but they did log a lot of workouts in their “zone.”

    And getting stronger by waiving around 10lb dumbbells is more glorified cardio and will do very little for getting stronger or building muscle (the tissue that burns fat.)

  3. 3. “Yoga, Barre and Mat Classes”

    Now, we’re fans of things like yoga and pilates as supplements to smart exercise programs. Learning to breathe, stretch and meditate are crucial to overall health and we teach this stuff to our clients.


    Doing 7 mat classes a week as your only form of exercise is bound to leave some things on the table.

    The people that have come to us after spending time in the mind-body world usually tell us that they feel good and limber...but can’t even open a pickle jar anymore and feel winded just walking up the stairs.

    They just need a little horsepower in their lives.

    If you want more horsepower in your life...and an approach to health and fitness that’s been perfectly designed for people in their 40’s, 50’s, 60’s and even program for people in their 70’s…

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Ryan Wade