As the new year charges closer, as do the typical diet trends.

If you’re like our member’s here at Inner Strength you’ve tired one or more of the following restrictive diets.

1. Intermittent Fasting
2. Color/Sized Tupperware
3. Keto
4. Paleo
5. Adkins
6. Meal Replacements
7. Vegan
8. Low Fat
9. Mediterranean diet
10. Blood Type Diet

The fad diets I have listed above might get you a result, but the effects are very short term unless you make that diet a complete lifestyle.

That’s why people end up coming to us after they’ve failed with multiple diets, trainers and PT programs.

Our big, crazy promise is that we’ll get you the results you want to see for your body AND teach you how to maintain those results for the rest of your life.

How in the world can I promise we’ll make your results last?

Because we take the hidden success factor that all these diets have in common and implement it into your schedule & eating habits.

What’s that factor?

A Calorie Deficit

Every one of the listed diets restrict something from your eating so that you consume less calories than you’ve burned that day, leaving you in a calorie deficit.

But here’s the thing those diet programs don’t tell ya 

You don’t actually have to restrict any type of food at all to achieve a calorie deficit

You can eat carbs, fats, meat, large portions, small portions…you can eat anything!

You just have to be educated about when it meets your daily goal to keep your intake lower than burned calories.

….and you can even do it without tracking every calorie that enters your mouth on a complicated calorie tracking app!

Our members love this approach because it gives them flexibility to live freely and without the pressure of following a “diet.”

If they want to eat a treat on a certain day - they’ve been educated on how to adjust accordingly - so they enjoy when they really want to.

All it takes is some foresight of your schedule, environment and your roles as a provider (you do have to cook & feed your family after all!)