Are you a “weight loss pro”?

My guess is that if you’re reading this, you probably are.

A weight loss pro isn’t someone who teaches other people how to lose weight.

To be a weight loss pro, you don’t even need a bachelor’s degree…

A “weight loss pro” is a term coined by one of our members, Joan, here at Inner Strength.

Per Joan, a weight loss pro is the type of person who comes to Inner Strength and has the greatest success in our program.

Here’s Joan’s definition:

Weight Loss Pro (noun): A person who has lost the same 20+ lbs, 5-20 times in their lifetime.

A weight loss pro knows how to lose weight. No question about that.

Weight loss pro’s have tried every program under the sun…

From globo-gyms, bootcamps, dvd’s and expensive stationary bikes, to super restrictive shake, bar and supplement programs.

Heck most of them even have exercise equipment in their own home!

What a weight loss pro doesn’t know is how to make that weight loss sustainable.

They manage hectic schedules, carpools and department meetings.

They are caregivers for elderly parents or young kids.

It’s easy to see and 100% understandable why the consistency is hard for them.

But that’s why a weight loss pro does so well at Inner Strength.

Because unlike the globe-gyms, bootcamps and supplement programs listed above… we don’t hide from this simple fact.

Write this down if you’re a weight loss pro

The road to a healthy lifestyle after 50 is never a straightaway, and the township doesn’t pave it often.

But that’s exactly what those other programs do.

They tell you how easy it is to do it.. but hide their head in the sand when you need a solution that travels…or overcomes adversity… or picks you up when you’re down.

That’s what our New Location Celebration Deals at Inner Strength Include (Click here to claim yours now!)

Your Unique-to-You Workout - Built for your unique goals, your unique body and it’s own strengths, weaknesses and limitations.

Simple, Sustainable Nutrition - Non-restrictive 1:1 nutrition coaching You know…so you actually follow the plan.

Stress, Sleep and Motivation (“ROOTS”) Coaching - what turn weight loss pros into energized, strong, confident 40, 50 and 60 somethings. When your schedule isn’t ideal and stress is high, you’ll stay on track with your new healthy lifestyle.

Your Own Personal Health Coach - Who provides daily “1 click” accountability check in’s to your phone and meets with you bi-weekly to edit your plan so you never plateau or fall off the wagon.

A Pain Management Concierge - Our Doctor of Physical Therapy is always around if you need answers to your aches & pains. Even if you’re not a PT patient.

“The Inner Strength Money-Back-Guarantee” Within your first 30 days you will drop body fat, get stronger, eliminate chronic aches and pains and feel so much better than you have in years...if not, we’ll refund every dime of your money back.. Guaranteed

Happy to help


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