I’m in very select company.
See I’ve have the *coughs* privilege of being included in wedding dress hunts for 2 different very special women in my life.
Now I’m not here just to brag about my good fortune, I’m here to tell you what I learned on this wild goose chase.
It’s not necessarily all about the color, sequence, straps & train.
It’s how the bride (mother of the bride and bridesmaids you’re in this group too!) feels about how they look in the dress.
But for them to say yes…
The dress has to make you feel stunning
The dress has to make you feel beautiful
The dress has to make you feel confident
The dress has to make you feel like you can boogie on all damn night with everyone and literally their mother watching you in this usually rather tight garment and you not give a care in the world.
The dress needs to make you feel invincible.
A dress can’t do any of that.
A dress can be stunning, but you are not the dress.
A dress can be beautiful, but you are not the dress
Confidence doesn’t somehow transfer from a dress to you.
it certainly doesn’t make you invincible.
What I learned on my dress shopping extravaganza..
Is that a dress is about potential
Because you ladies see that thing and go to unholy lengths to make sure you look damn-fine in it before the big day!
But here’s what I don’t understand as big, dumb, hairy man :)
When the dress goes away are you no longer stunning, beautiful, confident or invincible?
I don’t think so!
Here’s what I think
I think the greater the lengths you go to make that dress fit just so.
The more your confidence builds..
The more you feel invincible..
So why is it, after the wedding do women (and men for that matter) try and take the easy way out of feeling stunning?
Why are we all afraid of the work to get there if we know just how good that work feels?
Here’s my 2 cents
We lose sight of the target.
We get married, buy a house, another car, have kids and put down roots.
Then we wake up when we’re 40, 50 or 60 and we still haven’t picked a new target and now we’re a little softer around the middle and our neck hurts in the morning!
So what are we to do?
Well if you have kids, or grandkids now here’s your new target.
Generational Health
Generational health is your legacy within your family.
and just like your mission to fit in your dress, it makes you take ownership.
Because you are the rock of your family. Point blank.
The generations after you watch your every move, they’re watching you eat, they’re watching you move
…and they believe whatever is inside you, is to some degree, inside them…
If you’ve gone down this road and woke up in less than ideal health let me ask you a question.
If you don’t show your family how to be healthy, confident, stunning, and beautiful…
If you don’t show them how to feel invincible..
Who will?
If that doesn’t give you a new target you may want to check your pulse
And you may have to go to unholy lengths to do it.
But if you stick with it juuuust long enough… you’ll remember that’s what made you feel invincible in the first place.
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