5 Reasons Parents Should NOT Improve Their Health

I’ve been giddy for some of the most trendy movements in the US of late.

I promise you I’m no fashionista, nor do I generally care about pop culture.

But the increased focus of being healthy as a trend is an exciting one!

For years society has placed poison like alcohol, drinks full of corn syrup and additive laiden fast foods on a pedestal. But recently those have given way to non-alcohol alternatives, smoothie shops and some rad boutique fitness studios.

It’s finally cool to be healthy….and age is no longer a legitimate excuse because it’s finally  general knowledge that lifting weights and eating right can help you look great at any age!

It’s been a pretty backwards world we’ve lived in before this recent trend.

But if you haven’t gotten on the health wagon yet… It's okay because there are still 5 Totally Legitimate Reasons for NOT Improving Your Health.

Enjoy ;) 


1. Watching from the sidelines is the best view anyway


Actually participating and being present in your favorite activities, vacation agenda and family events is sooo 2019…

If you love watching time pass by, the best seat is on the sidelines!


2. You’ve got more confidence than you know what to do with!


What’s better than waking up in the morning and staring at yourself with your shirt off after you ate a pizza, drank a bottle of wine and chiefed a pack of newports?

Other people probably wish they had an ounce of the pure unadulterated, unbreakable spirit that you do!

Even if you gave away half… you have plenty anyway


3. The Attention will never be greater


When you’re not healthy, your strength decreases, your energy plummets and your mobility goes to the wayside…

All that feebleness is noticeable… and everyone will want to help you..


4. You Birthed a Small Army to do everyday Tasks for you


If you were healthy, you’d be strong enough to carry groceries, have plenty of endurance, play on the floor with the little ones and do all the yardwork..

But when you birth 5 Roman soldiers - who needs to worry about all that anyway!?


5. Waiting for the best time to get healthy always works


Life always tends to slow down and allow you to precisely design an uninterruptible plan if you wait long enough…

Just getting started is for crazy people…and you my friend are not that


Now obviously not a word of the above is serious, but if this opened your eyes or we’re a bit offended… chances are there’s some truth in there…

I could’ve just said…

If you want to

- Be an active participant in the activities you love and in the lives of the people you love

- Gain confidence in the way your body looks and feels

- Need to keep up with household tasks without worrying about hurting yourself

Time won’t stop for your circumstances to be perfect…

If you’re a parent or grandparent tired of feeling tired, sluggish, and in pain,  then it’s time for a change…