The Reverse Diet

The Reverse diet is like a Recharge button for your metabolism

And we use it at Inner Strength when our Fat Loss clients start to plateau at their current level of Calorie Deficit.

If you’ve read my emails for any length of time, you know that we like to use a calorie deficit to help our members lose weight.

It’s the most realistic, sustainable and NON-Miserable way to lose fat through food

But you can only put yourself in a calorie deficit for 10 - 12 week TOPS before your body starts to slow the fat loss effects of a deficit.

So a reverse diet includes bumping your calorie intake up ~100-200 cals per week until they are even with the burn rate.

his recharges your metabolism

Think about it like getting an oil change (gotta get all those filters clear for the long haul.)

Then we slowly start your descent back down the deficit.

At this point your metabolism is charged up and ready to run at peak efficiency again.

That’s how you overcome a plateau the sustainable way

Many other programs that aren’t focused on sustainability would probably have you go deeper into deficit….

…this would make you not only starving, but super cranky as well.

To make fat loss last, you need to enjoy what your doing.

The reverse diet is just that!