Your Presence At Home

18 years…

That’s all you get to create and soak in a lifetime of lessons & core memories with your kids, while you still have influence in their lives.

When they’re born, it feels like an eternity.

When they get on the bus for Kindergarten, it feels like it’s already over.

That’s as far as I’ve gotten with mine, so I can’t even imagine what middle and high school sendoffs feel like..let alone college and so on.

…but I can’t imagine it makes time feel any less fleeting.

MakePresence a Priority

Now I’m not some zen guru who teaches meditation.

But I do believe you need to be acutely aware of your health to be present.

Because when you are supposed to be making memories with your kids but you are…

…in pain



….huffing and puffing

…can’t lift them up or get down on the ground to play.

There is absolutely zero chance, 100% of your presence is in making that memory.

Because you're worried about getting out of that unhealthy situation first.

The only way to be 100% present and soak up every memory.

Is to lead a life you don’t need distraction from.

But when you are living an unhealthy lifestyle… you’re distracted.

Here’s how to start prioritizing presence.

Eliminate what makes you distracted.

So if you have pain…don’t focus on weight loss first… get stronger.

If you’re always fatigued… focus on eating for fuel… not just for pleasure.

And if you’re always huffing and puffing till you almost pass out when playing games in your yard….

Get better conditioned by challenging yourself, with longer walks or hills.
Distraction steals Presence

You want to create a healthy body and life without distraction and soak in every memory you can in those 18 years.

Now I understand, you may not know the intricacies of this kinda stuff.

You may not know that building strength will reduce or eliminate pain.