Why to STOP using destructive fad diets.

Does our cultural infatuation with dieting boggle your mind?

I mean, don’t we all know the end to this story by now?

Person realizes they’ve packed on a few pounds when their jeans don’t button and their belly rolls over the top and through the zipper.

Person says they need to lose weight and they pick a diet. 

Person starts diet.

Person either falls off diet after realizing that lifestyle is miserable 

Person sticks to the diet, loses a bunch of weight then stops said diet because they hit their goal to  then gain it all back.

Rise, Repeat…. Sometimes 10-20x in a lifetime!


Now I doubt you're so naive to think that dieting is going to fix all your physical issues.

But it’s certainly not untrue that eating a whole foods based diet will drastically improve your energy.

According to Johns Hopkins University geriatrician Alicia Arbaje, M.D., M.P.H.

“Packaged, processed foods tend to make you feel sluggish and heavy,

And guess what?!

Even if it has health buzzwords like “natural”, “fat free”, “zero sugar” etc

If it’s processed, it doesn’t mean it's healthy…

Because your body must go through additional digestive work to extract the nutrients from processed foods.

That taxes your system and leaves you sluggish.

So how can you possibly know what foods will help you without dieting?

The simplest way I know of is to simply choose one ingredient foods:


- Chicken

- Beans

- Rice

- Tomatoes

- Etc.

NOT a million and one different ingredients listed on the nutrition facts!

The more ingredients, the more work your digestive system has to do.

Which means less energy for activity & movement..

When you focus on eating one ingredient foods there’s no more need to diet and restrict.

Your calories will stay naturally low.

Your nutrients will stay naturally high.

Your energy will last all day.

You will move more because of all the newfound energy.

You will burn more calories.

You will lose fat.

It’s really that simple.

These days it’s easy (and commonplace) to be overwhelmed with how to eat in a healthful way.

Keep it simple.