The 4 Best Ways To Attract Long Term Health And Happiness

I understand just how important it is to slap on that smile in the mirror and act like everything hunky dory.

But I’m here to tell you, that skill might be exactly what you need to create a healthy lifestyle.. 

Because ACTING is actually the 4th and final Force that attracts long term health & happiness

Here's the 4 best ways to use acting to attract long term health and happiness

1. Act Big for yourself and others

Even if you don’t have the strength, answers know how, or wherewithal, you show up and give it your best effort!

2. Act decisively.

When you realize it’s the process that matters, what makes life worth living and not the end result you can stop second guessing yourself… because perfect doesn’t exist

Fail, Question, Learn what you did wrong and make changes … be insatiably curious

3. Act with supreme & unreasonable confidence.

You might not have any reason in the world to be confident in the actions you’re about to take

Whether you’re exercising, wearing the clothes you’ve been putting off “until you hit your goal weight” or asking for a raise, you act.

4. Act by starting things you don’t know how to finish. Live for the process, be ready to learn and adapt… you’ll find your way

Every one of these ways of acting can be applied to exercise ,eating well & managing stress

Heck they can all be applied to making more money and falling in love 

Health is a non-exclusive state of happiness…

One amplifies the others