The 2 Critical Keys To Being Consistent 

Everyone knows consistency is the key to achieving any sort of change regarding your health.

But let’s be honest…

…saying you are going to be consistent and actually doing it are two very different things.

I Googled “How women over 50 can get lean” to see what crap it places in your mind and I came to “Get an accountability partner.”

Well yes, an accountability partner is nice to have.

But what happens when that accountability partner isn’t accountable?

Or what happens if they simply don’t want the results as badly as you do?

That’s where simply having an accountability partner fails.

In order to make getting lean an exercise is sustainability you need more than a person.

It’s not an accountability partner, but a culture of accountability you’re after!

Here are my keys to being truly consistent:

1. Enjoy what you do

You may not be a fan of HIIT (high Intensity Interval Training) and that’s just fine.
There are many other forms of resistance exercise you can do to keep your muscles strong.
Find what it is you truly enjoy doing (or at the very least simply don’t hate.)
Doing the things you hate is a formula for burning out.
And as you get stronger the things you hate may change.
Do something you can enjoy to start. 

2. Enjoy where you do it and who you do it with

The environment where you exercise may be even more critical than the exercises themselves.
Your environment should align with your values.
Our members at Inner Strength have called us a “Social Club That Works Out Together.”
And I'd call that pretty accurate!
It’s because the values of the ladies align so closely that they feel bonded toward a greater purpose.
That’s a powerful force.

If you don’t like high intensity metal blaring, screams and grunts or at the total other end of the spectrum wana be instagram models taking duck face selfies in the mirror in their bra-shirt thing then an open gym environment isn’t gonna be your thing.

If you enjoy a more relaxed atmosphere with a personalized feel, random dance parties, lots of Michael Jackson and Bruno Mars lots, empowering women around you who aren’t training for looks or sport really, but for better health and longevity, Inner Strength is the kind of place you’d be comfortable at.

Your environment can give you energy to keep your goals in focus or it can suck that energy and enthusiasm right away from you.
Putting yourself in the right place with the right people is mission critical.