How long does it take to create a new healthy habit?

Legit…I’ve seen hundreds of numbers touted by health and fitness guru’s over the years.

I’ve seen 21 days, 6 weeks, 8 weeks, 10 weeks

And I’m here to tell you, after a decade in the fitness industry and many interviews with other health professionals like dietitians and psychologists I can say with certainty….

….every one of those numbers are a bunch of fooey.

Truth is there is no number of days you can look ahead in your calendar and say “Here it is! This is the day I’ll be on track.”

Because building healthy habits honestly isn’t about time spent.

This isn’t Malcom Gladwell’s “10,000 hours of a skill makes you a master.”

Building healthy habits is about making micro-adjustments made over time.

And that’s a good thing too.

Because I believe you aren’t like other people, their standard shouldn’t be imposed on you.

When it comes to your health you should have the freedom to start comfortably where you are today, set a goal and….

…simply do what it takes to get there.

No deadlines necessary. And no needing to “get stronger before starting at the gym”

(^^^^^^More Fooey)

If you’ve ever tried to fit into a pair of jeans or a dress shirt before a wedding you know that pressure can work sometimes…but living with that kind of pressure is gross.

Who really wants to live like that?

We have a saying at Inner Strength “What happens quick, don’t stick!”

So when we teach you how to create habits that will make you stronger, healthier and more energetic, so you can run around like you’re 20 years younger again…

We’re totally cool with you taking it at your own pace with the guidance of a Wellness coach who knows what it productive towards achieving your goals and what isn’t

For example (let’s start with a basic habit) : If you’re trying to start by drinking more water and you currently drink 3 glasses a day, but set your goal at 10 glasses.

9.9/10 times that’s too big a jump, but if that was a goal you set, when you meet with your coach, they’d suggest backing it down to 4 or 5 glasses until you hit it 6/7 days a week.

Then you adjust forward.

All goals can be micro adjusted like this… it’s just about adjusting the process not the outcome.

That takes the pressure off you to be near perfect at something you aren’t great at today…

….and allows you to just focus of being a little bit better consistently.

This is how you can win.

Honestly, it’s how anyone can win with fitness and food.

Hope this helps clear up why it’s a bunch of bologna to think you can standardize establishing a habit.