Do Things That Are Hard, And Tell NOBODY

Don’t post it to social media for validation

Don’t tell your parents

Don’t tell anybody anything!

Here’s why I say not to tell anybody.

Doing Hard Things is infinitely fulfilling.

When you accept a challenge and achieve a goal, you prove to yourself you are capable of more than you thought imaginable.

When your kids feel this way they are being trained to have Self Worth and Self Confidence

Is this what you want?

And when you do hard things it’s visually obvious, and your kids will see your example.

You may not alwaysfeel likebeing physically and mentally challenged like this but…

…This plants the seed in your kids mind that Hard Things are Good!

(Which has a host of other extremely valuable benefits in their developing mind)

However, if you tell people about the hard things you did…here’s some responses you should expect to hear.

“Oh my goodness, you’re crazy!”

“I’d never do that!”

“You must have recurring nightmares about that!”

“Oh I have a bottle of some Aleve… do you need it?”

(BTW these are all real responses I got from my neighbors this summer while doing a landscaping job in my backyard myself)

When your child hears these responses, they hear “Oh Hard Things must be BAD NEWS” 

Is this what you want them to think?

You Don’t?

Great.. We’re on the same page then.

Because I generally believe everything in life worth having is hard to get

But with self worth and confidence in your ability to do hard things, you’ll achieve your highest goals.

Like I said simple….not easy.

Get Started: Do something hard and let your child participate with you or at least see you doing it.

You’ll never regret proving to them they are infinitely more capable than they think they are.