Have you felt stuck in a rut lately?

Pay attention here because in about 20 seconds, you’ll uncover why you’ve been stuck.

Usually, when I discuss getting healthier (meaning fit, strong, energized and pain free) with someone, I spend a lot more time on attitude than they expect

I do it because it’s so important

Most people don’t understand that their attitude is a byproduct of their actions and not their words.

Everyone I've ever spoken with has saidthey wanted to feel better.

In comparison to the amount of people that tell me that, very few actually do it.


Because they think it’s what they are supposed to say…

…well, that and they don’t want to face the hard truth

See when you value your health, but don’t do something (or at least attempt) to take action to make you healthier on a given day, you’re going to feel let down.

Because you let down your values, and that’s a hard pill to swallow.
I get why so many people avoid doing this type of deep dive into their subconscious.

They’re afraid to dust off the ol’ skeletons in that closet

But the first thing you must do to get back to living a healthy, fit and pain free lifestyle is to get clear of what values you hold closest to your heart.

What values drive your attitude

Even more important, get clear on the actual actions you’ll take to make those values proud of you.

You know plenty of exercises.

You know plenty of foods are generally healthier than others.

But if your attitude is in the gutter, your mind will let you down in trying to make fitness and food work for you.