Sustainable weight loss is defined as .5 - 1 lbs per week.

That’s not maximal… that’s sustainable, and something everyone with weight to lose should strive for.

It can be done with an 80/20 lifestyle…

…meaning you’re on track with your fitness and food habits 80% of the time

And 20% of the time you relax and enjoy.

But there’s a time when more weight loss is doable (if programmed safely and appropriartley.)

You can do anything for 6 weeks.

And right here I’m gonna tell you exactly what you’d have to do to lose that 20 lbs

First of all, let me just say… you need to have 20 lbs of body fat to lose.

That means for a woman over 40, you’re at least 20 lbs over 25% Body Fat

Now that that’s out of the way here’s the first 3 Steps to Losing 20 LBS in 6 Weeks.


  1. Live the 90/10 Lifestyle


Above I mentioned the 80/20 lifestyle.

It’s sustainable because it doesn’t require you to be perfect in any area.

An 80/20 lifestyle equates to about 5 “Treats” a week with your eating and 3 workouts a week.

Obviously if we want more we’ll need to be more dialed in.

Which is what good coaches are for, designing a plan and holding you accountable.

But a 90/10 lifestyle means 2 treats a week and 4 workouts (not all that much more.)

In the Love Handle Meltaway we’re going to outline your 90/10 plan with pre-determined accountibility check-ins to make sure you execute!

It’s an effort for sure…. But just 6 weeks of being 100% dialed in will only make you stronger.

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  1. High Weight Low Reps? 


What’s better for weight loss?  Light Weight/High Reps or High Weight/Low Reps

If you said light weight/high reps….

….you’re not technically right.

When losing body fat, you don’t want to stricly follow a light/high protocol if you have virtually no muscle underneath.

That’s when you get those hanging flab rolls from the plastic curgery commercials.

When you focus on losing bodyfat, it’s not just about the fat….it’s about recomposing your body.

You want a layer of lean muscle under there to fill the space when you lose the fat.

Also that muscle will allow for more sustainable progress because you’ll be baseline stronger.

A combo of High/Low and Low/High is a perfect balance when programmed in the right order.

In the Meltaway, we do all the planning, programming and …you just do the things!

No thought work required.

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3. What about Cardio?

Ahh Cardio…the most misunderstood tool in the weight loss toolbox.

Cardio is so much more than running, rowing or biking.

There’s actually 3 types of cardio you need to use when training for fat loss.

Low Intensity/Long Duration - What most people think of (IE treadmills etc) which is great on the day after a hard workout.

Moderate Intensity & Duration - Think of this like HIIT training. This IS the workout.

High Intensity/Short Duration - The most underutilized tool in the cardio toolbox. You can get the most fat burinign effect from this if you use proper rest intervals.  (Also the workout…but with a lot less wanting to roll into the fetal position and hide.)

Most people think if they are resting too long they aren’t burning calories.

Nothing could be further from the truth.

If you can really start to put in serious work for 6-10 solid seconds…you can easily rest for 100+ seconds and repeat that till the cows come home for some serious calorie burning effect.

All three of these “Cardio Systems” need built up for the best effect, and that’s exactly what we do in the Meltaway.

Did that make you questions what you thought you knew about Fat Loss? 

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