Don't Confuse Rest & Rejuvenation 

Who doesn’t love a good nap… or sleeping in past 8 hours?

I sure do, and I think it’s safe to assume anyone over the age of about 12 does as well (as long as your schedule is clear.)

But there is a downside to sleeping.

And it happens when you haven’t been made aware of the difference between rest and rejuvenation.

See rest is what I call passive recovery.

It’s a great tool for recovering the body of physical and mental stresses.

You aren’t really doing anything but recharging your batteries. 

When you sleep you don’t release any energy, you absorb it.

But that means all the stress, anxieties and negative energies aren’t released either.

Active Recovery (or rejuvenation) is like replacement therapy for your negative energies.

This is where you actually release the negative energy, stresses and anxieties and replace them with positive emotional energy through 4 channels.

Those channels are hope, play, compassion and mindfulness.

And you need all of these active recovery channels. 

So if you’re energy is low and you’re feeling sluggish despite sleeping (like all the time.)

Then here’s how you can feel more energy literally right now. (Answer these questions)

1. What are you missing in your mind that will give you hope?

- Paint a picture of what an energized healthier life will look like for you in your mind.
- What about attaining that lifestyle is so important that you have to have it? 

- What is your current lifestyle leading you down the path of?

2. How can you integrate more play into your life?
- Ideally this is physical play and mental play separately

3. How can you show more compassion
- To yourself
- To others

4. How can you integrate more mindfulness into your day?
- My favorite place to start is to simply take a breath and reflect on the last hour (for about 30 seconds) every time I sit down. 

These 4 active rejuvenation channels will literally add energy to your life as close to instantly as there is outside of coffee and cocaine.

Release Negative Energy, Absorb Positive Energy.