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Finding An Age Friendly Fitness Center in Pittsburgh, PA

Live Pain-Free With Inner Strength

Are you in your 40's, 50's, 60's or 70's and....

  • ✓ Frequently spending your day in pain? 
  • ✓ Finding it difficult to sleep at night? 
  • ✓ Losing your ability to participate in the activities you love? 
  • ✓ Unhappy with your body?
  • ✓ Becoming increasingly frustrated with the lack of results you see from countless other fitness programs? 

At Inner Strength, we offer positive community support, one-on-one guidance, and evidence-based programming focused on helping you feel better inside, move with ease, and feel confident in your appearance.

Our team of trusted Personal Trainers and Coaches offer:

  • ✓ Custom Tailored Personal Training so you know you’ll never fear you’re doing the wrong things for your unique strengths, weaknesses & imbalances or wasting your time. 
  • ✓ Nutrition and Weight Loss Coaching that's built around your schedule, lifestyle and provides all the resources you need to make your meals easy, convenient, fresh, delicious and family friendly. 
  • ✓ One-on-one guidance and accountability to avoid overwhelm and keep you from falling off the consistency "wagon."
  • ✓ Positive, fun and empowering community support so you'll actually look forward to showing up to the gym (for maybe the first time ever)! 
  • ✓ Evidence-based programming that's adapted to how your body feels on any given day so you can feel better inside, move with ease, and feel confident in your appearance. 

Don't wait any longer to start feeling and looking your best. 

Come experience the Inner Strength difference! 

Book your FREE, no-strings consultation with us today!

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Nutrition for Weight Loss & Better Fitness

Effective, Professional Nutrition Coaching for Healthy Living

Lose weight the healthy way with our professional nutrition coaching services.

We offer this service alongside our exercise programming to not only help you lose weight or gain muscle but...

  • ✔️ Drastically reduce inflammation, eliminate brain fog, indigestion & overwhelm without eliminating the foods you love.
  • ✔️ Get back to living with all-day energy and confidence in the way your body looks, feels and moves.
  • ✔️ Speed up your body's natural recovery cycles and metabolism so you can have more effective workouts!

Our team of experts will work with you one-on-one to create a sustainable plan that fits your unique needs, preferences, and lifestyle.

Our professional nutrition coaching services include:

  • Tailor-made nutritional guidance: We'll work with you one-on-one to create a plan that fits your individual needs and lifestyle so you never feel overwhelmed or restricted or confused with food.
  • Meal planning: We'll provide you with custom tailored plans, recipes and a grocery list for natural weight loss meals that are family friendly.  
  • Behavioral therapy: We can help you develop healthy behaviors around eating in a judgment-free, no-guilt environment.
  • Lifestyle integration: We'll help you integrate physical activity and other wellness practices into your life, so you can develop a sustainable, well-rounded approach to health that will last a lifetime. 

Ready to start losing weight and keeping it off in a way that’s safe and healthy?

Click the button below to book your free consultation!

We'll help you develop a plan that fits your unique needs and lifestyle so you can finally achieve the sustainable result you’re looking for.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Is my consultation really free?

Yes! We offer FREE, no-strings consultations to help you get started on your fitness journey. We'll answer any questions you have about our services and help you decide if Inner Strength is the right fit for you. 

You'll receive some guidance from us on the best next steps for you, regardless of whether or not you decide to work with us.

Who can benefit from Inner Strength?

Our fitness plan is designed for anyone who wants to improve their health and fitness, whether you're just getting started on your journey or you're a seasoned athlete. 

We offer tailor-made services for men’s health and women’s health, those who are looking to lose weight, gain strength, get out of pain or create an overall healthier, happier and more active lifestyle.

Where is Inner Strength located?

We have two state-of-the-art, friendly, convenient locations in Robinson and Cecil Township, allowing us to reach people across the greater Pittsburgh area. Our facilities are warm, supportive, comfortable environments to reach your fitness goals with like-minded friends.