Abraham Lincolen used to eat a single hard boiled egg for breakfast each day.

Michael Jordan would lace up his own shoes before every game.

Barack Obama would always exercise before he started word when he was president.

Winston Churchill used to take a nap at 5PM each day.

Inc Magazine reports that most CEOs read a book a week.

Shark Tank Star Barbara Corcoran writes down her to-do list before she goes to bed instead of in the AM .

When you have a set day and time to exercise...you do it.

When you decide what rules you’re going to follow for your nutrition...you eat healthier.

When you have a set bed and wake time...you get more restful sleep.

The lack of routines and habits derail your health and fitness.

The summer pulls us out of routines and habits.

We change the time and place of when and where we exercise...and many times we don’t get to it at all.

We change the habits of what we eat… and most of the time it’s not healthy changes.

We change when we go to bed and wake up….and most of the time it causes us to be LESS rested and more anxious.

We lift the boundaries we had on drinking alcohol...with 1-2 drinks turning into 3-4.

We even allow the lack of routine to be brought into our children’s and grandchildren's lives… they eat more sugar, get less sleep and do fewer healthy things for their brains.

The summer is deadly for destroying good habits and routines and it’s rare people hit Labor Day and immediately turn it around.

Usually the bad habits we create in the summer last for longer than we’d like to admit into the fall.

If the summer has thrown you completely off track we’ve got something for you.

In order to put Mr. Summer in his place, my team and I have created a 6 Week Fat Loss Challenge that starts October 11th (MONDAY)

Just text {{contact.first_name}} needs to “Get it Back” to (412) 472-7413, and a coach will text you within 24 hours to get you some more information.

Here’s what you get…

“Cutting Edge Personal Training:” Get 18 Small Group Personal Training Sessions so you always have a coach watching every rep, which means you don’t need to worry about what to do, how to do it, or if you are doing it right…(Yes even if you have chronic pain, injury or haven’t worked out in years!)

“Nowhere to Hide” Get daily one-click accountability check in’s on your phone, and 1:1 accountability conversations with your own personal health coach every other week, so you can be certain you won’t fall off the wagon like most people when they begin an exercise program...which means you’ll get better results than you ever have before.

“Eat This Not That” A Simple 6 Week Nutrition plan, built for your lifestyle and created specifically in a way that you can have success with your schedule and environment...which means all the stress of not knowing what to eat and how to fit it into your life will be totally eliminated.

“The Inner Strength, Better-Than-Money-Back-Guarantee” 100% Guaranteed or your money back/ We promise that within your first 45 days you will drop body fat, get stronger, eliminate chronic aches and pains and feel so much better than you have in years...if not, we’ll refund every dime of your money back PLUS $100 back for wasting your time.

To secure one of the 20 spots please Just text {{contact.first_name}} needs to “Get it Back” to (412) 472-7413, and a coach will text you within 24 hours to help get you started.

Ryan Wade