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Inner Strength Personal TRaining 

Who We Are

We help people over 40 lose weight, and transform their health with pain free workouts!We are a personal training gym with a reputation for delivering life changing results to our community. Our team is made up of top tier fitness trainers and medical professionals that have re-imagined working out to make our personal training the safest, most effective and time efficient workouts you’ll ever find!

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1 On 1 Support And Accountability To So That You'll Never Feel Lost Or Confused In The Gym

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Low-Impact Workouts Means That You'll Never Do Dangerous Exercises That Make Your Joints Hurt or Leave You Injured Again!

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Community Driven for busy adults so That You Feel Comfortable In The Gym Working Out With Fun, Supportive and Like-Minded People!

Talk To A Trainer(412) 472-7413

Getting Started with Inner Strength

Our Process

We create personalized workout plans designed to meet your goals, and teach you how to maintain those results for a lifetime!


5-10 Minute “Get a Quote Call” 
So we can align your needs & goals with the right program and price to get you there!


Come See the Facility and Meet the Team!
Your coach will design your plan along with you, so you can workout pain free and never jump into exercises you aren’t ready for.


Get Started and Let our Team to Guide You
Once you're here, our coaches eliminate all the guesswork and assure you have fun, are supported and make real progress to your goals!

Get Started

Real People, Real Results

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For Athletes Ages 10-18

Performance Training For Young Athletes

Our Athletic Performance Training helps athletes get bigger, faster, stronger, stay healthy and create the confidence & growth mindset of high achievers in sports and the game of life.Your athletes training is personalized to improve the unique physical qualities their sports demands and can be done in a small group or 1:1 format.

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